Tire Pyrolysis

The Issue:

Harford County Granted a Waiver to Auston Transfer & Processing LLC allowing them to convert their tire shredding facility to a pyrolysis plant.

The Dangers:

There are numerous dangers associated with a pyrolysis plant including explosions and the emission of hydrogen sulfides and other emissions into the air, ground, and waters throughout Harford County.

This is untested technology and the company Auston is partnering with has no plants running in the United States. Their four plants are running in areas of the World where environmental rules are not as stringent as our own.

Further, this is the type of plant that should be placed in a remote area hundreds of miles away from a residential district. This proposed location is in the middle of a residential district.

Areas Affected: The neighborhoods run from WhiteMarsh and Kingsville to Aberdeen and Havre De Grace and include the following:

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Abingdon
  3. Bel Air
  4. Belcamp
  5. Edgewood
  6. Essex
  7. Fallston
  8. Joppatowne
  9. Kingsville
  10. Havre De Grace
  11. White Marsh

How many potential people will be impacted? 73,000

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