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Frank “Bud” Hines


Business/Technology Executive 
Small Business Owner

Business/Technology Executive

I started with EDS as a systems engineer and worked my way up to VP of Technology at ADP and at Broadridge Financial Solutions (both Fortune 500 companies).

I am a Program Manager/Project Manager/Vice President of Technology with over 30 years of experience providing unique technology solutions while leading technology teams. I led the development of a technology start-up (the Argus Group) that was successfully acquired by ADP after growing the revenue by a factor of 18 in a one-year period. I grew a technology team of 4 to a team of 126 while building a product that was used by a who’s who of the top 40 Financial Firms in the industry. I managed all facets of technology including desktop support, enterprise software selection, telecom, network, database management, project management, analysis, database design, development, application support, infrastructure, and security. I led numerous cross-functional teams to enhance our business processes.

At Johns Hopkins Medical Systems, my team won the Computerworld Smithsonian Award for Excellence in a Business Application for building their Electronic Patient Record System.

At T. Rowe Price, I was promoted to development manager and Assistant Vice President. I led their print-on-demand initiatives and built their first advisory products including the rollover investment service and the investment checkup. Both applications recommended a portfolio based on the client’s financial objectives, aversion to risk and their time horizon.

I was also responsible for the application used by their 350 phone representatives to support the trade and account requests of their clients.


I am the proud father of a daughter who recently obtained her masters in sociology from UMBC and now has a job with the Federal Government.

She graduated from UMBC with a BS in Sociology with high honors and she was named the Sociology Student of the Year and was nominated to be a Fullbright Scholar.


I have heard a great deal about the heroin and opioid addiction affecting Harford County.

I was a long time dipper who was helped by an online website called

It helped me so much that I decided to build a similar site to assist people in recovery from Heroin and Opioid Addiction.

This self-funded free site is called Quit The

This site was established to allow anonymous members to give their introduction, post-roll call, find recovery resources and to join a chat room to give and get support.

I worked with Linda Williams from the Addiction Resource Center. She put me in touch with Joe Ryan, Manager of the Harford County Drug Control Policy.

Joe assembled a team to provide me feedback on the site. He was also kind enough to send me and my wife to 5-day recovery coach training.

Right now there is a void between when people leave their clinic or jail and when they find a sponsor.

This site is meant to fill that void.

Let’s get folks to this site so we have a central hub where people in recovery can get and give assistance to each other.

Recovery coaches are welcome.

My vision is that this site will be a hub for people in recovery across America.

Please feel free to spread the word.

Small Business Owner

I set up a site to assist people with end-of-life planning called
This site currently provides a free will for all 50 states and assists you with making a checklist and communicating your final wishes to your loved ones.

Please feel free to sign up and get your free will.



High School and College

I graduated from Arundel Senior High School. Yay Arundel!

I worked my way through my first two years of college by working as a bag boy at the Fort Meade Commissary and as a bingo clerk at the Daily Double Bingo Hall.

Later, I worked during the day as a meter reader with Baltimore Gas and Electric and later as a customer relations representative where I sat next to my future wife.

I spent one wonderful year at Anne Arundel Community College where I joined the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and made the dean’s list.

I then decided to attend Towson State University because it was a nice small school.

I went to Towson for a year and a half during the day and worked at night and at weekends.

I played rugby on their newly formed rugby team in 1974 and 1975. In 1975, Towson went undefeated against opponents like West Point, the Naval Academy, Georgetown and the like.

I graduated from Towson State University with a BS in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Accounting.

Later, I started on my masters at the University of Baltimore.

I was encouraged to take some computer courses and I did. My first programming class there was taught by a nun. I fell in love with programming and decided to pursue a career in technology.

I was fortunate to get a system engineer training position with Electronic Data Systems which Ross Perot had just sold to General Motors.

Political Experience/ Activism


My Lawsuit Against Jones Subaru

In 2010, Jones Suburu purchased the Hinder Lincoln Dealership on route 1 that was sitting dormant for 3 years. They tore down trees, expanded the facility by a factor of at least 3 and did not get one single permit. Then after cutting down all of the trees that provided a buffer between their business and my home, they erected obscene stadium lighting. My wife and I had to take Jones Subaru, Harford County Zoning, and Baltimore Gas and Electric to court.


We had daylight all day and all night.

The expert lighting engineer advised the court that this lighting was the equivalent to the lighting of 3 or 4 major professional stadiums.

Further, he stated that this would cause us considerable health problems and environmental problems.

We lost a large population of bats residing near our home as a result of this lighting.

This lawsuit lasted over 2 years and was quite expensive.

But, in the end, changes were made, lights were removed and other best practices were put in place.

Unfortunately, we still have more lighting than we need or deserve.

Drive by at night and take a look.

I should note that Jones had already taken down many of the large trees that served as a buffer area.

A word of caution, before hiring an attorney to deal with your case, find out what his spouse and siblings do for a living.  You may find out that there is a potential conflict of interest that could bias his or her approach.

I am an activist!

To create change requires effort, hard work, and commitment.

Not many are willing to do so.

In this lawsuit, my wife and I were engaged in creating a change, a positive outcome, for the good.

After our lawsuit, Jones showed plans to continue with their extreme lighting on the other side of the building which would impact additional neighbors.

My wife called zoning immediately, showed them maps, zoning laws and called the design company and threatened to sue them as they moved forward with their design.

This effort resulted in the redesign of the lighting and ensured zoning verified all regulations were followed.

Personal Life

Early Years

Both of my parents were from Great Neck New York.

Dad’s mom was a principal (she died giving birth to my aunt) and his dad was a plumber.

My mom’s dad was a dentist.

My dad was a cheerleader at Fordham Univesity when Vince Lombardi played football there.

Dad loved math and languages and learned 8 languages.

He took ROTC at Fordham and then entered the Army as an officer and worked his way up to be a Lieutenant Colonel.

He learned eight languages in the service.

When he retired, he joined NSA and was the first certified analyst. His specialty was Russian.

My dad was stationed in Germany for a number of years. I was born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Four of my siblings were born in Frankfurt.

I am number 4 of 6 and my wife is number 4 of 6. No one ever paid attention to us as children (we lived with nothing but hand-me-downs) so we decided when we had children, we would have one that we would spoil with all the love and affection we could muster.

I was fortunate enough to get a job at the Fort Meade Commissary when I was in high school. I worked for tips and managed to make between 15 and 20 dollars an hour just in tips. I bought my first car, a VW in high school. I did not think I could pass the driver’s exam driving my parents Ford Station Wagon.