Dear Harford County We Stopped the Tire Pyrolysis Plant!

Dear Harford County Voters We Won One!

This is one of the only times that the Harford County Council voted against zoning and the County Executive.

Change is possible!

Change will continue if you vote for me Frank “Bud” Hines for Harford County Council President.

I am committed to bringing greater change to the Harford County Council.

Why vote for Bud Hines?

Because we are dealing with:

  • A huge influx of development
  • Crowded roads and schools
  • An opioid crisis
  • An increase in crime
  • Inadequate funding for our schools and teachers.

Let’s stop rubber stamping and make the council work for you.

Let’s also prevent any more large settlement payouts ($millions)  because of poor zoning decisions.

I have a plan to:

  • Enhance our children’s lives and reduce the use of opioids in our community
  • Provide an equal percentage of dollars to our schools
  • Plan our communities more effectively
  • Fund our education system and reduce class size.


Harford County currently has an air quality score of F as a result of poor decisions.

I will fight to prevent bad decisions that could impact our air, our water and our land.