Tire Pyrolysis introduction to a 3 part series

Dear Editor,

The Baltimore Sun has written several articles about the proposed pyrolysis plant in Harford County.

My wife and I recently learned about the plant and feel that this is a critical issue to all the residents of Harford County as well as Baltimore County.

We have been investigating the pyrolysis process and its associated dangers. I also researched why the county and Auston Transfer and Processing LLC were considering this technology. Finally, I was taken aback when I attended and acted as a witness at the Harford County zoning appeal meeting. This is covered in its own document.

Since these topics cannot be adequately covered in a one-page document, we have divided our report on the Pyrolysis Plant into a 3-part letter:

  1. Our recommendation to Barry Glassman
  2. Our complaint about the zoning waiver appeal hearing
  3. A presentation of the risks inherent in a paralysis plant provided by companies that are in the businesses of building pyrolysis plants.

I am asking the Baltimore Sun to print these letters as three separate letters. I believe combining them would provide too much information in one letter.

Thank you,

Bud Hines

Concerned Harford County Resident and Candidate for the President of the Harford County Council

Donna Hines

Concerned Harford County Resident and Candidate for the Maryland State Senate District 7