Bud Hines

Bud Hines is a technology leader, and activist who was a technology VP at ADP and Broadridge Financial Solutions for 12 years.

I will fight for your zoning rights.

No one should have to fight against their next-door business as in Jones Subaru, BG&E and Harford County Zoning the way I had to do.

This should have been resolved with a simple phone call.
Instead we had to spend $60k to take them to court

I will fight for your zoning rights.

Who Cares?
I Care.
Let’s make the county council work for you.



David Fleming

Sales Executive, Soccer Coach, Beach Enthusiast, Father, Counseling Intern.

Donald David “Dave” Fleming is a Local Youth Soccer Coach, a former member of the Ocean City Beach Patrol who still enjoys the beach.

He has worked in publishing sales and management for the last twenty five years.

Trying to make a difference, Dave is completing his master’s degree with the goal of helping people who have experienced trauma, bereavement, and those who just need someone to discuss the challenges that life can present.

Dave is the father of three children.


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